“Hiring Michael was the best business decision I ever made. He has an amazing gift for capturing living images, he takes his work very seriously and is a talented, devoted and productive artist. He has helped me in so many ways, from photographing my landscapes, to helping me with branding and marketing. I am so grateful to have made his acquaintance and look forward to a long working relationship with him”.                          

-Rebekah Lamphere, Owner/President, Hartland Designs, Inc.


“Over the past decade, Michael has always been enthusiastic and eager and happy to oblige my photography requests — regardless of how close to my advertising print deadlines — and sometimes I’m VERY late!  He always comes through!   He is able to capture the homes I represent completely accurately but always artistically. His technical ability to combine natural and artificial lighting is impressive. His photographs appear natural to the human eye and allow the viewer to soak up the ambiance of the space being defined.  Always really great work!  And my clients are thrilled with the results … and I get the credit! (Truthfully … I always give him the kudos!)”

-Nancy Kalodner REALTOR/Broker Owner Benchmark Real Estate


“After Working with Michael for nearly twenty years, his astounding ability to capture the essence of my art work, continues to amaze me. His images are clear, crisp and color correct. ALWAYS! Coming to the job as a gifted artist and thoroughly knowledgeable commercial photographer, makes for some great shots. In addition, Michael brings to the scene a total and unwavering concentration, focus and attention to the smallest detail”.

-Ricky Bernstein, Glass Artist, Jeweler, Penrose Designs


Michael Flower is a gifted photographer and a gifted teacher.  His wide and deep experience of photography, his natural eye, and his continual excitement and engagement with his art and profession made studying with Michael a process of real learning of the craft.  Over the course of four years studying with Michael, I felt I learned a tremendous amount both on the technical and artistic fronts and Michael combines a rare mastery of both.  Recently, I asked Michael to review a portfolio of my photos.  His insights into the work reflected the kind of knowledge that only comes from years of experience and his feedback was invaluable”.

– Nina Ryan, Writer, Photographer, Freelance Editor 


“Michael’s computer and photography expertise is insightful! He is both a knowledgeable and patient tutor. He has and will do anything in his power to assist and further our goals as a small, independent company. He is a beacon of light for those of us who live in the computer “dark ages” and is a pleasure to work with! Michael is always on time, upbeat and eager to assist. We highly recommend him for computer and photography assistance, support, and training!”

-Anonymous, Buyers, Consultants, Specialists. Precious Stone Industry